Location: Vile Parle
Client: Maitreya Business House
Area: 10000 sqft

Maitreya Business House

This office is for the Chairman of the Maitreya group. The theme was the Sanskrit verse of worshipping the Sun God. The concept was derived from the name of the company itself ‘Maitreya’ which means the Sun. The Chairman insisted on having a very international appeal to the place with Indian values imbibed in it. Also considering a lady boss, femininity and radiance became key aspects of the design. We designed a half Sun art on the Zebrano veneer panel with engraved stainless steel rings and backlit alabaster arcs that became full with its reflection in the mirror. The mirror also enhanced the area of the small place. The entire building of 10,000 Sq ft has different departments & offices on every floor with different design concepts. This office sits on the 7th floor of this building. The entire office building – its interiors, facade, and landscape is conceptualized, designed, and executed by us.