Location: Goregaon, Mumbai
Client: Renuka Gondalia
Area: 1000 sqft

Lodha Goregaon

The Apartment is located at Lodha Goregaon on 27th Floor, it’s a modern apartment, with lots of bling as the owner is a single lady and she loves bling, it’s a 2 bedroom apartment with approximate carpet area of 1000 sqft, we could finish the project in 5 months, the general colour palate is kept neutral  with gold silver and champagne tones all over, except the guest bedroom which converts into a cozy media lounge, it has a large-scale poster in red tones as a statement wall, it’s a glamorous picture of the owner herself shot by a glamour celebrity photographer, in all the house is young, vibrant and bling, which suits the personality of strong young entrepreneur Ms Renuka.