Location: Malad, Mumbai
Client: Naiks Apartment
Area: 900 sqft

Naiks Apartment, Malad

The house is 900 sqft two bedroom apartment for family of 6, since it was our own house we could do lot of experimentation with the space, there was interesting Jamun tree, on the North west side of the apartment, with a great spread of foliage occupying the entire width of the window, this inspired us to change our layout as we wanted the outside green to flow in the house, so we broke open all the walls creating living room facing towards north east, and children bedroom going towards south west, the house conceptualization had strated in Greece so our house has a bohemian feel with distress finishes on furniture and use of turquoise color and brick textured rustic walls in white pastel colors of red orange, green and other shades adorn all across the house, this is done keeping in mind the interest of kids, over all the house is modern with decent use of colors with fusion of rustic and contemporary interiors.